Live Life With Intent

Every Experience helps shape who you are. How would it feel to manifest your dreams? What if you could connect more intimately in your relationships? Would you take the steps to bring yourself to the truest version of yourself?

Starting Simple

We all have dreams of what we wanted to be and how we wanted to get there. Some of us found ourselves exactly as we had planned. Many of us ended up with stories we don’t really want to share.

Every person’s journey is unique but only a handful of us can be grateful for the story we live. By using energy healing techniques and ancient wisdom my job is to help connect mind, body, and soul in a deeply meaningful and help transformation into the truest version of yourself begin. Traumas, emotions, past experiences, and relationships not let go of will be the pinpoints of these sessions. From them come new beginnings.

Sessions can be private, couple, or group and are meant for the purpose of healing and shifting one’s inward thoughts and feelings into a more positive manifestation in their outward reality.

Transformation takes time and it should be noted that upkeep and work are required. No healing session is to replace the expertise of medical staff and students should be open and ready for the changes at hand.

Whitney Wickham is an Ethereal Sexual and Sensuality Healer and by using techniques taught in Sacred Sexuality and energy healing, Whitney prides herself on helping people reach sexsperiences that bring them closer to their truest self. As a Reiki Master/Teacher her focus is on healing the body, mind, and soul and thereby allowing one to transcend traumas, blockages, wounds, and all life throws our way. These daily negative experiences keep us from living a truly blissful life. Experiences help shape who we are but they do not define us.

Through guided meditations, energy healing, comprehensive and inclusive exercises, and much more, Whitney is able to help you realize the reality you want to live, manifest your dreams, and leave behind that which is no longer helpful to the process of realizing of your personal goals and desires. Whitney’s technique utilizes teachings from Ancient Egypt, Reiki and other Energy Healing teachings, and the power of your own personal manifestation, to once again connect mind, body, and spirit. Once connected, clients find themselves happier, healthier, and more in tune with their own sexual desires as well as . They are able to let go of past hurts and move forward into their future with a bright new outlook knowing anything is truly possible!

Discover Yourself

Ethereal Sexual and Sensuality Healing is the open door to sexperiences worth having!

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  • 30 Minute Private Skype Session $45
  • 60 Minute Private Skype Session $80
  • 90 Minute Private Skype Session $115
  • 120 Minute Private Skype Session $150
  • Tarot or Oracle Reading my e-mail $25
  • 30 Minute Skype Reading $35
  • 60 Minute Skype Reading $60


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