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Whitney uses modern Hellenistic techniques to provide you an inside look into the deepest and most hidden side of your personality. Readings include looks into your past life patterns and current life lesson, career and finances, love and family relationships, and behavior patterns and world view outlooks. All of this information is comprised into a PDF color book that explains your chart to you in simple terms to help you navigate situations in your life better and understand your world and circumstances better! Whitney requires your birthday, birth location, and for deeper accuracy the time of birth for astrological readings.

The core of who you are is written in the stars!

Three Sign Astrology Reading

Did you know you have more than one zodiac sign? Each personal actually has three major signs and you can learn alot about yourself just from understanding the inner workings of these signs alone! Your signs will dictate who you are outwardly, behaviors that are subconscious or uncontrolled, and even parts of you that you want to keep secret or are not so fond of. Let’s dive in and find out what makes you who you are and how to utilize this knowledge to live your best life! Full color PDF book all about you and your three signs personalized specifically to you! Whitney will need your birthday, birth location, and for accuracy the time of birth.

Full Astrological Birth Chart

This full length reading is provided to you in full color and personalized in a PDF format that tells you not only your main three signs but every planetary placement that was in play the moment you were born. Career, behavior patterns, relationships, finances, education, and even personality traits can be found by looking at each astrological house and the ruling signs to combinations in your planetary alignments! This reading is a minimum of 25 pages long and sometimes as long as 200! It is formatted in a 6×9 page print for those who would like to have theirs printed in a tangible book. Whitney will need your birthday, birth location, and for accuracy the time of birth.

Comparative Charts

Wanting to know the energies between you and another person? Are you compatible? What kind of communication and argument culture will you have and how can you make the relationship the best it can be? Whitney can create a full PDF workup comparing two people and tell you the relationships difficulties and where it is smooth sailing. Whitney will need both parties birthdays, location of birth, and for accuracy the time of birth.

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