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We Are More Than A Body

Have you ever had a gut feeling? Perhaps you have learned a bit about the magnetic field each of us has surrounding us. Energy Healing is working with the many complicated layers of the Subtle Body, including the Chakras and Aura. Energy Healing can be a calming experience but also a supplemental way of aiding the healing of physical and mental ailments of a human body, or animal, body.


Traditional Reiki

Traditional Reiki is a Japanese technique that can be performed in person or virtually with a person’s permission. This type of energy healing works on sending love light from source energy to a person. This technique is non-denominational as are all of Whitney’s techniques.

Aura Healing

Whitney can work specifically with one’s aura to aid in ailments such as headaches and general malaise. This technique can also help with nervousness and calm a person’s body through the process of smoothing out the energy field and removing any sticky energy that does not belong to a client. This can also be performed at a distance.

Ancient Egyptian Techniques

Whitney is a Kemetic Pagan and so she has learned techniques from Ancient Egyptian forms of energy healing similar to Reiki. This form of healing is quite intuitive and can also be performed at a distance.

Chakra Alignments

Chakras are energy centers that run through our body and within our energy fields. These systems are quite intricate but with alignments Whitney is able to enable energy to flow in a much more fluid manner. Alignments are helpful in releasing blockages and connecting energies to flow as one. This in turn will provide a sense of wellness and wellbeing as well as aid to overall health. Chord cuttings can also be performed and all services are available at a distance.

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