Hypnosis is the process of easing the mind into a state that allows the subconscious to be accessed. Being hypnotized does not mean from that point on Whitney’s clients are under mind control. In fact, the purpose of Whitney’s sessions are to safely allow the mind to go where it desires to go.

Hypnosis can be used to aid in the release of habits that are unwanted and work through subconscious struggles that keep a person from living their best life. These sessions are meant to help explore these subconscious thoughts and bring them to the client’s attention so they can then be dealt with in a safe and loving environment from caring professionals.


These sessions are also useful in finding out more about past lives and past life trauma. Most of Whitney’s clients are coming to her for help in these spaces because they have recurring dreams, behaviors or fears, or a need for what is referred to as soul retrieval. Soul retrieval is the process of working through past life moments that have been so impactful they are causing reactions in this waking life. Sorting through the past life allows clients to come to terms with what happened, work through the situation, and then move on to a happy life in the now and present.

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