Free group sessions by age are held virtually. Childrens, Teens to Young Adult, and Adult sessions are available!

Through group or private sessions one can reach a state of bliss in connecting to one’s own higher self, the divine, and more!

Group Mediation

Group mediation sessions can be booked for your own group in person or virtually. The purpose of these sessions is to recenter and allow the mind to process any and all thoughts and experiences, off loading excess or loudness in the mind, to bring one back to a state of comfort in their day to day life. Meditation aids in stress relief and reduces anger and fight or flight responses by allowing the brain to process information more effectively. Free group meditation classes are available on a consistent basis so please check the schedule below for the next upcoming session.

Private Guided Meditation and Astral Travel

Have you ever wanted to communicate with your spirit guides? Perhaps you have dreamed of traveling to the Astral/Heavenly Realm and would like to experience the state of bliss and unconditional love that comes with this experience. Private Guided Meditation and Astral Travel sessions can be booked for a singular person or a group who has a like minded goal. These sessions can be held virtually or in person.

Guided Meditation Recordings Available Soon!


  • Please check back for the upcoming schedule

Find Where Your Spirit Wants To Lead

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