Parapsychology and Proof of the Paranormal

From a very young age, with her own psychic and paranormal experiences, Whitney has been drawn to the paranormal. At first, trying to understand her own experiences, she dove into the world of paranormal investigation and understanding quantum theories to give the paranormal a scientific bridge. As Ph.D. student of Parapsychology, and in collaboration with her life mission, Whitney is working with others to help them understand their own experiences. From ghostly encounters, cryptids, communication with spirit guides and deities, and more, Whitney hopes to help shed light on these situations and bring back a sense of safety to those struggling, and understanding for those seeking.


House Blessings

Are you moving into a new space or wanting to dedicate a long lived home full of love? Whitney can perform a nondenominational blessing to dedicate your space to you and your family’s intensions.

ITC Research

ITC is the practice of communicating with spirits through EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). As a Ph.D. student Whitney is currently working on a case study that involves past life regression hypnosis, spirit guide communication, and ITC. If you would like to be part of this study Whitney would love to hear from you! Otherwise you can follow Whitney’s live stream schedule, and YouTube, where she will be documenting some of her findings and research.

House Protections and Energy Clearing

The age of a home doesn’t matter, just like the wind, activity can begin at any time and any place. House protections and energy clearings are sessions that allow Whitney to enter a space and push out unwanted energies and fill the voids with love and light. Most of the time there is not spirit activity but the energy of the people in the space can create stagnant energies or negative pockets that can be removed through energy shifting practices.

Spirit Box Communication Private Sessions

A modern version of a séance, Whitney’s spirit box communication sessions are a privately booked session where Whitney provides all of her tools possible from, tarot and oracle cards, pendulum, candle divination, and her communication spirit portal, to hopefully not only receive a message from the other side, but to document true communication by hearing the voices come through the speakers from the other side. These sessions can be performed in person or virtually.

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