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Psychic and Divination Readings

Mediumship and Spirit Communication

What is in the Cards for You?

Tarot cards have been used for centuries as a form of divination. Whitney does more than tell fortunes… she reads energies and gives insights.

Tarot and Oracle Readings

Tarot and Oracle cards are metaphorical signs that give us insight into situations, people, and energies that surround us. Whitney uses her energy healing techniques to reach out to your energies, communicate with your higher guidance, and interpret these metaphors in a meaningful and mindful manner. Email same day readings and live virtual readings are available.


As a Psychic Medium, Whitney sometimes gets messages from loved ones beyond. Should a loved one feel the need to come through in one of the sessions, Whitney will be happy to communicate the message! These services are included in her general Tarot and Oracle readings but are not promised as not every reading will have messages from passed loved ones. Whitney does offer Mediumship services for in person sessions. Please contact her for those services.

Spirit Box Sessions

Sometimes our brains need a little more proof than cards, pendulums, and messages from the other side. Whitney offers Spirit Box Sessions where via live stream she will open the use of her portal box to allow the voices from the other side to speak. These sessions are longer in length as it can sometimes take a while for anyone to come through. All methods of communication will be used in these sessions and sessions are recorded as well.

Let Unconditional Love Be the Force Behind All

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